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Cornrowed twisted mohawk style
  • Hair types: this style is for any women going or are natural that’s seeking an elegant but long-lasting protective style.
  • This style can take 3 or more hours because of the techniques being used.
  • Pros
  • This is a low manipulation style for busy naturals on the go
  • This style usually lasts two to three weeks
  • This is a great summer style because your hair is up and out the way.
  • Cons
  • Not a versatile style
  • Can be fragile to someone with fragile edges
  • Can be uncomfortable when first done because of the tightness of braids.
  • Cornrows with twists with a flair
  • Hair types: his style is for naturals with soft kinky hair
  • This style is best for curly and coarser hair types.

This style is a quick low maintenance style for women and girls of any age.

  • Pros
  • Quick and easy style to achieve.
  • Cons
  • Styles doesn’t last long
  • Not good for active naturals
  • Box Braids
  • Hair types: Box braids are great for women who just started the process of going natural or have been natural this style is mostly for women who won’t give their hair a break.
  • Pros

This style is versatile and easy to style.

  • Cons
  • This style takes a long process to complete.
  • Hair types: all hair types
  • Quick application
  • Versatile
  • Quick installment
  • Natural looking
  • Can last up to 3 months.
  • Not painful to install.
  • Cons
  • Can break off hair if too many strands are hooked in one area
  • Limited styling to avoid showing the base

Can scalp to become itchy

This style is for Everyday Women

  • Pros
  • Fashionable
  • Low maintenance
  • Great for any weather.
  • Cons
  • The installation process is time-consuming
  • Thinning can occur around edges and nape of the neck
  • Trying to achieve this style can cause build up to prevent unraveling
  • Coarser hair starts to lock in two or Three Weeks
  • Finer hair may start to lock after two years

This style requires a lot of patience.

  • This style is for anybody who doesn’t like to manipulate there hair a lot there are various ways to install locs like two strand twists that are the main method people use it commonly takes six months to two years for the twists imprint to leave and fully look like locs.
  • Others start there locs with plaits this will produce flatter locs but the same outcome is achieved
  • Comb coils are sensitive to water because it is hollow.
  • Interlocking is another method done interlocking is also called sister locks also takes six months to two years to achieve
  • Palm rolls are also done to maintain the plaiting technique.
  • Flat Twists with twists
  • Hair types: flat twists are for any hair type because it is not too strenuous on the hair. this style is for natural women who are relaxed or natural.
  • Pros
  • This style is good for any time of year most naturals do flat twists in the summer because the style is easy to do and it doesn’t take too long to get done.
  • Similar to cornrows because the twist is against the scalp.
  • Great for naturals who are trying to not stress their hair too much.
  • Cons
  • Does not last long because of its a low manipulation style.
  • This style is not good for active people.
  • There are many views on protective styles but I believe they help hair from being manipulated too much I have found protective styles come in many forms like wigs weaves buns cornrows box braids loss and two strand twists with or without extension hair. i believe No one can go wrong with a protective style if it is done correctly.

What and why should you Pre Poo?

First things first I remember starting my hair journey and scratching my head about all there is to know about hair care from the products techniques to tools to what to use and what not to use LoL. I was puzzled but I wanted to share this with you because It has helped me in my hair journey since I began doing this I have been using this in my hair routine for a while now.

so we’re going to start with what is Pre-pooing pre-pooing is mixing natural oils or a moisturizing conditioner and using the mixture prior to washing your hair this mixture protects your hair from the harsh chemical process it also acts as a barrier to protect your hair and strand by basically coating it with an oil also keep in mind you can add anything you want to your pre-poo mixture it depends on your hair and what it likes it depends on you as an individual and where you are in your journey.

After I figured out that pre-pooing is something my hair journey needed so I began Incorporated it into my hair routine right away.

my next question was How do you pre-poo? Basically, in my research I found it states, Mixing your favorite oils like olive oil or moisturizing conditioner like shea moisture moisturizers is a go to product of mine and is a favorite of mine but you can add extra ingredients to help your hair experience go better like I do at times which has helped my journey more

Start by gently finger detangle your hair part in sections apply from roots to tips cover your hair with a plastic cap for 20 to 30 minutes another option is sitting under a heated dryer rinse and do your normal hair routine.

The benefits of doing a pre-poo are it makes the hair more manageable easier to detangle it helps reduce breakage it makes the hair softer and easier to restore lost moisture into the natural hair.

The last thing a natural should know is when to pre-poo honestly it is up to you and where you are at in your hair journey but you can pre-poo weekly bi-weekly or monthly pre-pooing is usually done prior to shampooing so as much as you shampoo you can pre-poo as well.

I myself pre-poo every time I wash my hair and it not only reduced shedding it stopped my breakage and helped build up my hair elasticity which helps my hair journey skyrocket

What new things have you added in your hair journey?

Bantu knots New techniques I have learned

I have learned many new techniques when going natural my favorite so far has been the bantu knots.

Source Pinterest

Bantu knots its a easy way to create beautiful curls on our natural hair.

*First things first you should do a good Bantu knot out on blown out hair because when the hair is cleaner its lighter bantu knots help us naturals create heatless bouncy curls.

*when you wash hair before creating bantus allow 40 mins to dry to decrease your breakage. Its a must that you manipulate your hair to achieve your bantus and breakage is something a natural doesn’t want because it slows down your natural hair journey.

* you can use the LOC method or the LCO method to moisturize after allowing your hair to air dry.

* In my natural journey I found that Bantu knots have many different stages to get to the perfect Bantu.

*the main thing I have learned is patience and to work with what you have.

* my favorite new tips I have found is to lightly oil your finger tips before taking down bantu knots .

*it helps a lot also bobby pins are best when doing bantu knots because its easier on the hair

* also remember try not to twist too tight.

* do not retwist everyday because too much manipulation causes breakage.

I myself have made this mistake in the past.

More hair growth

What are some hair tips you learned? please comment below thanks for reading I hope you enjoy.

Things I wish I knew


I decided to put together a list of natural tips and things I wish I learned earlier in my hair journey but all these things I have learned have made my journey better.*the biggest lesson I have learned is Patience with my hair

  • Always section hair before styling
  • Finger detangle before detangling with a wide tooth comb
  • Moisturize your hair as often as possible/try to keep a spray bottle handy for easy distribution.
  • Don’t forget to seal in moisturizer with a sealant like olive oil
  • Drink lots of water your skin and hair will thank you by flourishing
  • Find a clarifying shampoo a clarifying shampoo is basically a deep cleaning for your scalp to remove stubborn build up from product use. Or make one it will give your hair a breath of fresh air
  • A clarifying shampoo I know is baking soda water and apple cider vinegar
  • Water must be Hot!! For baking soda to dissolve.
  • This is great for us naturals I myself have used this method a few times with my homemade shampoo I make from African black soap and oils I loved that I found on my journey like coconut oil it makes my hair soft and shiney and my hair loves it.
  • Don’t forget to condition after every wash make sure your water temperature is right your water pressure can be too harsh on your hair as well use warm water to wash rinse with cold water to seal iN moisture and close pores
  • I can honestly say I myself forget but try to always remember your leave in conditioner it helps with elasticity and detangling
  • Utilize protective styles to protect strands and promote growth.
  • My Natural hair

Brands of Hair oil that’s Great

I decided to discuss hair oils and brands that work for my hair I have been using these products consistently for a few years now and I see nothing but growth.

My first brand is One and Only I mentioned this brand first because they have a variety of products and the oil does last long because you don’t need much of the oil. I use from this company is argan oil I cannot say I have used it all through my journey but it is one of the first things I look for if my hair is breaking or brittle because it is a very rich oil with therapeutic properties it also has a lot of vitamin A and E which is great for us natural girls the vitamin e contains a compound called tocopherol which boosts cell production and rebuild hair it works as soon as it touches your scalp it improves it and makes it stronger so the hair can grow.

My second brand is Tropical isles living products I love love love there castor oil line because they have a variety of products for all hair types that smells great and gives your natural hair the boost it needs and you can use it on braids ,dreads ,twists or a few drops on your hands before you wrap your hair up at night ifnyour hair is straight it will keep your hair moisturizer for a few days and a little goes a long way plus you can pick it up at a beauty supply store or order online.

Another brand of oil that’s good is Heritage products I am mentioning this product because I found it online looking for a oil that I heard a YouTuber mention one night and I took a chance and order it. It is very pure and thick it has helped add shine and strength to my hair It lasted almost a year before I needed to purchase more and adding it flourish my hair growth within a few more months my hair was showing positive results in thickness and elasticity.

Another brand of oil that works well on natural hair is Now products I say now products because they are very potient which means there very strong you will get the most out of it but you shouldn’t use it alone on hair you should always make sure to use a Carrier oil for best results.

Good luck and Great growth guys

Perfecting the LOC method and Moisturize like a Boss

So as I sat down to write a few nights back it opened up a whole can of worms as to moisture and whether I myself moisturize enough so I began to doing more research which pulled me towards the LOC method that I use in my Hair regimen now which consist of liquids, oils and creams or water I use both but it also broke down moisture and sealing as well but it spoke of using carrier oils alone on hair will not help with growth but it will clog pores which is something you don’t want as a natural.

Also I see the word MOISTURE all over social media but still questioned why you should keep your hair moisturized,because it will decrease your chances of hair breakage the moisture will give your hair a lot more elasticity and help it retain length and Growth.

It is also good to use sealing oils after you moisturize this will lock in the moisture which is good for hair I myself can say since I have been natural my roots do seem thirsty at times but I started using sealing oils like Grapeseed oil , Jamaican black castor oil and jojoba oil also keep in mind that when your going natural or wearing your hair out keep it moisturized your hair will thank you by flourishing.

*when shopping or choosing a conditioner check the ingredients and the first and second ingredient should be water. Oils and Shea butter are sealants and should be applied to hair after moisturizer to seal in moisture. When going natural you You should keep a spray bottle handy add your favorite conditioner ,oil and Water also us naturals must keep in mind that when your hair is kinkier it means it’s tightly coiled which means it gets drier faster in some cases. I would use moisturizing oils to penetrate the hair shaft oils like coconut oil i use because my hair loves it also I heard nothing but good things about it from naturals online and YouTube videos Other tips I learned is that water is key you should saturate your hair with Water at least once during the week it will rehydrate it making it soft and shiny.

Connections to my life 

So hair has always been my obsession and something that I have been passionate about i cannot honestly tell you where my journey began or where I began i just know i have always been into anything that involves creativity. I am into hair because I have always done my own hair so I am always been in the hair world but I started doing hair for my family and friends on occasion because i love to help people feel good about themselves but I i created this blog to socialize and share my experiences with others. but I believe my hair contributes a lot to me as a woman I believe your hair is your crown and you should treat it as such. I can remember at the age of 11 my two 2 older sisters would sit down with me to teach me how to braid on my barbies hair. just those small things have contributed to who I am now it has shaped me into the women i am now I believe it’s because of the person I am they are used to seeing me go online to order hair products or getting samples in the beauty supply store because they come in handy and for me as a mom the extra help is needed i also like to find trends and new products or hair tutorials on YouTube i have been natural for 7 years consistently. I also love to try new styles on me and my daughter hair as well she is also natural. My journey is continuing because hair is something that will bring me and my daughter closer as well

Stepping stones

Stepping stones to where I am now

I am starting at the beginning so please sit read and enjoy.I got to this point of making this blog by talking to friends and family about my writing dreams.Also I began putting things in motion because i feel as though I stood at the door of my future now I feel as though I am running through it .I feel lifes not easy but it’s the only one we can live because tomorrow is not promised. which made me take this leap after speaking to my family members and friends advice about hair care products and ideas of routines with me going natural. Every little thing has helped me on my journey and has contributed to my hair growth. like me incorporating certain oils in my routine like lavender oil and tea tree to name a few has helped my journey. But it has also grown through trial and error.With me being natural it has helped me find what works for my hair. being natural it has changed my whole perspective on my life and hair but with what I eat drink and how I think it even expands into how I care for myself differently and indirectly basically it helps me explore different sides of myself with styles i see on social media. To trying and using natural oils on my hair as well most I have researched or used in the past.

* I now use consistently along with My hair routine as well as a lot of patience which is sometimes not easy. I also almost always try to find styles that work for me now because it saves me a lot of time and helps my hair not be too stressed.

*In my journey also me creating my own shampoo out of African black soap with some of my favorite oils have bloomed my crown into what it is now it’s now shoulder length i usually wear twists because there easiest to maintain and I have seen growth and thickness and it’s saving me money and it’s growing my hair so it seems like a win win i found a video on YouTube by naptual85 and the rest is history I am sharing to help someone that’s on a hair journey like me please read and grow with me.


Hello Queens and Kings My Name is Jacqueline L. Robinson I am a natural Women who Grew a love for doing hair and anything natural or hair related i have always done My own hair in General.I am just now putting things into words to share. I am a proud Mother of a Natural Princess.but i feel as thought i am finding my way into the hair community Also.I began to seriously go natural 7 years ago because Of health issues My hair falling out so this kinda jump started me to taking my journey more serious to cut it off and go natural i felt as thought my Crown was cracked with my hair being  damaged and  falling out this has contributed to my journey but my daughter  Jaclyn contributed to molding me into the women i am now Like in having her i began to communicate with other moms even thought i was a teen Mom my daughter jaclyn help build me up as a women and make friends and do hair on occasion also Fast forward to now 11 years later  my princess and I  are and Making our own path along the way .