Creme of Nature pure honey

spoiler alert mentioned creme of nature brand in a previous post

*I came across these products by a chance I was given them as a gift before they became popular in 2018 a few months before they came out on the market but like many other naturals, I waited to use them I received a few things for my hair which were.

  • Moisturizing Dry defense shampoo
  • Moisturizing dry defense conditioner
  • Moisture replenish and strengthen hair mask
  • knot away leave-in conditioner
  • the twisting cream
  • The twisting cream I purchased later after using the products I previously mentioned.

*I first love that this is a brand I regularly use Creme of nature and me have history and now I can share this line with my children as well. Creme of nature is a brand I am familiar with because I used their products when I was still perming my hair the products were changed to accommodate the changes in my hair that I was going through.

*The brand creme of nature contains many types of products for women who color there hair to the natural women also this brand has been around for 30 years today it’s still talked about at many salons and homes around the world there also still seen in magazines but in the natural community I heard the buzz around honey and first ignored it and boy was I wrong.

  • I love the design of the bottle but its color is eye-catching and the smell is heavenly
  • I love that the products glide onto my natural hair and absorbs into my hair well.
  • It’s great for women who are natural or transitioning it’s great for any hair type also so the whole family can use it.

*I have used the shampoo and conditioner for a few different washdays it left my hair clean super soft and shiny.

*the moisturizing dry defense shampoo worked great it lathered well and left my hair soft and shiny I only had to wash it twice it also has a thick consistency and a small amount goes a long way I believe my naturally dry hair likes these products because of its make up as well as its good ingredients like a favorite of mines coconut oil and honey.

*I love that this line is mostly made up of honey. honey is a natural humectant and moisturizer it also contains enzymes and vitamins.

* Its great for hair because it helps condition strands from the inside out all these things are great for any natural or women in general, I very much recommend this product.

*For more information on honeys benefits check out this article

*The knot away leaves in conditioner ledt my hair soft and gave my curls an extra pop back that they had been lacking.

❤the product from this line that I liked the most was the twisting cream it has kept my hair soft and manageable to install my twists after using the leave-in conditioner to detangle I applied a small amount of the twisting cream to my hair and it quickly became shinier and softer it also smells great and absorbs into my natural hair well it did not leave a residue or flake up after a few days my twists were soft, bouncy and stayed moisturized for longer. I know for me in my hair journey moisture plays a big part to my hairs health I also like how I can use the leave-in conditioner with other products and it still detangled my hair well I was able to do a quick braid out after not moisturizing before and my hair still came out great and light.

* I also use the knot away. Leave in conditioner now regularly when I detangle my hair in general or for a protective style like a quick braid out or two-strand twists or even small box braids with my natural hair this conditioner makes my knots and tangles almost disappear like magic. My first reaction was shocking because I was taken aback by how soft my hair felt and even after the whole process of the braid out my hair was still moisturized for 3 days before I needed to moisture again i absolutely loved that.

*the hair mask and I have a history because I used it to deep conditioner my hair alone and with other products and the results are always good the smell is amazing it does have a light consistency it comes out thin so be careful when applying outside of my opinion of this product the creme of nature honey line offers a variety of other products any natural or women can use like.

  • Break up breakage leave in conditioner
  • Moisture infusion edge control
  • Curl activator
  • Creme of nature pury honey setting lotion
  • Pure honey shrinkage defense curling jelly
  • Pure honey twist and hold defining custard.

*These products can be found at Walmart, Target,, and Sally’s beauty supply store as well.

*also they’re affordable prices so you don’t have to spend a arm and a leg for good products

*What are your favorites by the creme of nature?

Please comment below

*Great health and happy growing.

harmful ingredients found in hair products

Hey, Naturals!

In honor of it being October which is breast cancer awareness month, I am going to share with you a list of ingredients to look out for in your natural hair and skin products. These ingredients are widely known to cause health issues as well as being linked to cancer itself. Cancer is a disease caused by a division of abnormal cells found in the body, its a very bad disease because it can affect any part of the body without signs or warning. The big “c” word has become a common word spoken amongst my family’s tables and phone lines for me personally for generations. It has run throughout my family tree like a bad nightmare so being healthier and mindful has become apart of my lifestyle as well. Which has helped make me more aware of bad chemicals and ingredients found in my food, skin, and hair products as well.

In the hair community “All natural ” has become a big part of many naturals regimens and preferences in products they use as well because of known harmful ingredients in our hair products. It’s first widely known that women who use hair dyes and perms do have higher risks of developing breast cancer as opposed to women who don’t. these huge issues caused the world to look into other products containing harmful ingredients this small comparison in the world caused the natural hair community to pay attention. often naturals look for organic or no parabens here’s why.

*certain chemicals found in hair products are bad for the body studies classified EDC mostly found in hair products into 3 categories researchers are concerned about how parabens along with estrogens and phthalates act like the hormone estrogen but it’s a chemical.

Silicones are harmful because they’re created to trap in moisture but they also trap in sweat and bacteria in the skin. They cause harm and overall interfere with cell renewal and health. Signs of this to look for are wrinkles, fine lines, and redness in the skin. Silicones are usually found in many hair products on the market mostly conditioners and styling products.

Parabens are widely known to mimic estrogen and cause breast cancer.
Parabens are a preservative used in many hair and skin products this is one of the reasons naturals often look for” paraben-free”

Fragrance mostly causes issues like birth defects, liver damage, and allergic reactions with the eyes and skin.

Triclosan is a chemical that changes and negatively affects the hormonal system in animals it also might contribute to the weakening of the immune system.

*for more information on triclosan you can check out Mayo Clinic Article.

The chemical triclosan can be found in most homes because it can be found in most shampoos, conditioners, and skincare products

If you’re trying to find out if a product contains triclosan check your labels and look into the drug facts category where it would be listed

Cocamidopropyl /Betaine is a chemical compound that causes eye and skin irritation mostly found in shampoos conditioners and make-up removers and body washes.

If you are like me and you are looking for healthier natural alternatives to these harmful ingredients try to find products that are mostly or all-natural like I often use castile soap to wash my skin and protect it from harmful ingredients

I first started using castile soap because I was becoming more conscious of harmful ingredients found in soaps and body washes and other skin issues but castile soap is completely natural and gentle enough for all skin types if your using castile soap for the body you can use as is I dilute my castile soap before washing my face.

A natural solution for an itchy scalp or irritated scalp is green tea. I started doing green tea rinses to help with shedding also. It contains antiseptic properties as well which are great for scalp issues. Overall green tea is a natural alternative that’s great for the skin and hair, and will not disappoint.

Good health and great growing guys.

Correcting my hair mistakes 

This is a photo of my hair a few years back

In my hair journey, a few years back I got to the point where I didn’t see any growth with my hair. I became discouraged because I saw all my favorite naturals on social media with beautiful healthy growing hair. Seeing these naturals’ growth and progress made me go over my hair habits. I wanted to find and correct my hair mistake so my hair could flourish as well. So I decided to share my findings with you guys.

My first mistake was detangling my hair dry

– not knowing when I should detangle my hair I would snatch out my protective style

-comb my hair on dry hair with any comb I had at the time

-then washing, conditioning, and detangling with no product at all.

Through experience and knowledge, I learned to have the right tools would make a big difference:

  • a wide-tooth comb
  • spray bottle
  • moisturizer
  • conditioner

These were the essential things I needed in my hair journey and regimen. I didn’t realize my hair needed the right tools and consistency. Good care and detangling was the key which was the base for less breakage and helps in creating beautiful styles. This also helps hair show more growth, because the hair is being manipulated less and maintained better.

I later found what process works best for my hair. I learned if I take out a protective style like two-strand twists or braids

  • I should detangle before I prepoo
  • I also detangle while I have my prepoo in my hair which helps strengthens my hair and stops breakage.
  • I also learned to detangle my hair slowly it’s okay to take your time with your hair.
  • you can detangle with your prepoo, conditioner, or deep conditioner it’s up to you and what your hair likes.
  • I also spritz my hair before taking out a protective style because it helps create better elasticity.
  • I also always grab a wide-tooth comb to detangle my hair if not I finger detangle slowly.

The right amount of moisture and detangling properly are both big parts to a naturals hair maintenance I was not moisturizing my hair enough first I didn’t even own a spray bottle.

  • as a natural keeping a spray bottle with plain water, conditioner or essential oils is a must.
  • not only because water is a simple natural moisturizer the water easily helps the hair stretch and gives moisture.
  • adding water to your spray bottle also helps products absorb into the hair better.
  • spritzing hair between styles also acts as a great refresher to hair it has helped my hair in between many low manipulation styles.

My third hair mistake was not conditioning enough or at all, I wasn’t consistent in my washday routine. I can remember I would wash and condition my hair and that’s it I would later be upset my hair was tangled and dry.

  • I now know natural hair needs extra moisture and that’s ideal for your hair’s health.
  • I have learned your hair needs the right products like what I call a conditioning crew to strive and grow. you must have a washout conditioner a good leave-in conditioner
  • a deep conditioner and a clarifying or sulfate-free shampoo or a co-wash.

Now looking back on my hair journey I see I made some crucial hair mistakes that have cost me growth and good hair health as well I have seen less shedding and breakage since incorporating these hair practices into my hair regimen along with better natural products and care has contributed to my hair becoming healthy I am not an expert I am sharing my hair experience I don’t know everything but I do believe these practices and changes acts as stepping stones to get me to more healthy hair hopefully this will help someone natural transitioning or thinking about going natural.

What new hair practices have you developed in your hair journey? In what way do you believe it benefits your hair?

Until next time continue growing.

Coconut oil

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Like many other naturals. I didn’t know where to start my hair journey i learned through trying out different oils and products but one oil i have used since the beginning of my hair journey is coconut oil because it has many benefits and can be used for not only the hair but the skin as well 7 years of being natural and I learn of new oils every day but coconut oil i have kept in my hair regimen because my hair loves it gives my hair strength and softness it contains many other amazing benefits for the hair as well like

  • Coconut oil moisturizes dry hair
  • Coconut oil makes strands softer as well as penetrates the strands to help hair from the inside out
  • Coconut oil stops breakage and split ends
  • Coconut oil promotes hair growth
  • Coconut oil conditions hair
  • Coconut oil contains carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals
  • Coconut oil also contains good fats which are good for internal and external use
  • Coconut oil also acts as a base for hair coloring as well

Even though coconut oil has many benefits some naturals are allergic to it as well as protein sensitive if your hair is protein sensitive coconut oil can cause drying out or breakage i would recommend doing a section test on your hair which means to add a small amount of coconut oil to the small section of your hair to see how your hair reacts to the oil that way you can have your own experience with the oil.

I believe my hair benefits from Coconut oil because of the way I use it in my hair regimen i first just began using coconut oil in my d.i.y. african black soap shampoo after seeing its amazing results  I learned to incorporate coconut oil into my regimen in different ways like I now use it in my pre-poo which I found reduces protein loss from hair as well as keeping it soft. On washday after detangling from my protective style I part my hair in sections then spray my hair with water then I apply the Coconut oil from my roots to my ends then I twist them so my strands won’t tangle back up  and add a shower cap for a few hrs then wash i always leave my prepoo in for longer than a hr lol. I also use coconut oil when taking out my protective styles to not only protect the strands but to boost my hairs elasticity and length retention. Because i tend to leave my protective styles in for long periods of time so I try to make sure to take certain steps to boost my hairs strength and keep my hair from breaking so easily coconut oil is also a favorite of mines because it makes small knots in my hair almost disappear i add coconut oil to my deep conditioner on occasion to make detangling easier and gives my strands vitamins and fats that are missing these changes has helped me see more growth and thickness in my hair as well as strength in my hair journey i also like to mix coconut oil and essential oils they work great together.

coconut oil prepoo

3tbsps coconut oil

2 tbsp of olive oil

5 drops of teatree oil


mix oils together in a applicator bottle

shake well  apply to hair

leave on for 1 hr before shampooing hair

this prepoo mix is one of my favorites because it soothes my scalp as well as i love the cooling sensation on my scalp


tip/there are two main types of coconut oil unrefined and refined i myself use unrefined coconut oil which is the purest form of coconut oil it actually contains meat from the actual coconut which is what i found is best for me.

what new things do you wanna add in your regimen? is coconut oil one of them?

African Black Soap

when i first went natural i was buying everything to grow my hair and i couldnt figure out why my hair wasnt flourishing like everybody elses i wasnt aware of the fact that something that works for one natural may not work for another but when i became more knowledgeable about my hair. i first began researching and learning about the harmful ingredients in products to be sure my products where natural i decided to do more d.i.y. recipes i heard naturals online raving about african black soap and how they used it for there skin and hair so i looked up what its made from and its benefits of african black soap and decided maybe my hair regimen needed this as well after my research i became more confident i was making the right decision for my hairs health by incorporating african black soap into my regimen because it has many benefits but the ones that stood out to me the most where first it has antibacterial properties which means it destroys bacteria from growing its also an antifungal which means it helps fight against fungi.african black soap is made in west africa its made from ashes of plaintain and palm oil along with other great things its also gentle on the hair and scalp. african black soap is high in oil and glycerin which means it will cleanse the scalp of parasites and toxins that damage hair and slows down growth so using african black soap as a shampoo will create a good environment for hair to grow in it also softens the hair and promotes growth after my research i went on youtube and found a video by naptual85 on her creating her own african black soap shampoo so i used her video as a guide to create my own african black soap shampoo with some oils i use in my hair regimen regularly like coconut oil,olive oil and argan oil just to name a few.

i been creating my own african black soap shampoo in my hair regimen for 6 years now and i have seen growth in my hair journey this shampoo is very beneficial to a naturals hair or anyone
how i create my african black soap shampoo

2 cups of warm water

2oz african black soap

1tsp argan oil

4tsps olive oil

3tbsps of coconut oil


add water to liquify soap

add oils of your choice

mix ingredients well

can add shampoo to a applicator bottle to help you distribute it in your hair
tip/i have learned to create small batches because the shampoo is only good for one month

if your not too into d.i.y. things you can buy these alternatives that works good for your hair also

  1. shea moisture african black soap deep cleansing shampoo
  2. shea moisture african black soap bamboo charcoal deep cleansing shampoo

hair products that you will love that are under 10 dollars that actually work

I created this post to share with you guys some of my favorite hair products I use in my hair journey they are for all hair types so if you want to try them out in your journey you can without worrying whether it’s for your hair or not and it doesn’t break your pockets either.

organics Africa’s best hair mayonnaise

I first picked up this conditioner because I was trying to slow down my shedding and breakage the ingredients where all beneficial to the hair so I grabbed it contains glycerin, vitamins, eggs, and olive oil I love this product because it makes my hair manageable and it smells great I use it when my hair feels brittle this product revives and hydrates my hair I use a shower cap so my body heat can help the product penetrate the hair better I found this product at my local store for 5.49 but it can be found all over.

queen Helene cholesterol cream

I started using this cholesterol cream when I was still perming my hair I purchased it because my hair was breaking off badly it strengthened my hair I continued using it in my natural journey. After all, it is for damaged hair and when I began transitioning my hair was very fragile I also love that it contains protein which helps the hair as well and after using it consistently in my regimen over time my hair has strengthened up more it softens my hair I found this at my local convenient store for 4.59 amazon and Walmart also has it for cheap and carries different sizes as well.

the olive oil moisturizing growth lotion

I found this hair lotion at my local family dollar for 4 dollars it’s between 4 to 10 dollars at other stores I came across this hair lotion because I was looking for something to use in my daughter’s hair to moisturize and detangle and I just so happened to pick it up because it contains olive oil which is good for the hair it hasn’t let me down I use this to do my daughters buns ponytails and twists it makes her hair soft easy to detangle it smoothed out her strands fast it also gave the hair shine I used this product in my hair rushing to fix my hair it left it moisturized for a long period of time on many busy days.

whole blends Repairing Mask honey treasures

I first received this hair mask online in a sample pack and I feel in love with it the smell and how soft it made my hair I went out and purchased it I found it for 6.99 I used whole blends shampoo and conditioner in the past but this product won me over because the sample worked well and it contains honey which has great benefits for the hair many naturals use honey in there regimen on a regular because it hydrates hair.

creme of nature mango and shea butter ultra-moisturizing conditioner

I first came across this conditioner when I received samples of it from the beauty supply store when I made a purchase when this product first came out I was newly natural and I was still struggling to tame my transitioning hair when I used this conditioner the smell was sweet and not overwhelming what got me hooked on this was how it made my hair more manageable which helped make it’s easier to detangle and style my hair i also love that the prices where practical I brought it for 5 dollars and change at my local beauty supply store but its also sold at sally beauty and amazon as well.

creme of nature pure honey hair mask

I love this deep conditioner because it contains honey I received this as a gift when it first came out I love that it’s a natural product it contains no parabens. its light in texture and my hair seems stronger after every use I use this on some wash days when my hair seems brittle and dry I love that it is packed with all kinda great things like shea butter, honey, olive oil and coconut oil which are all great for any natural I still use this product because my hair showed great results I section my hair apply the product and put on my shower cap or bag for an hour and rinse after my hair seems brand new and stronger I love that is sold at most beauty supply stores target and Amazon have it for 7.99.

gro healthy milk protein and olive hair deep conditioning treatment mask

I found this product on amazon looking for another hair product I decided to take a chance and purchase it didn’t disappoint me the smell is the saddle, as well as the tingling sensation on my scalp, is great what made me keep using it was that it made my hair soft for longer and it slowed down my breakage and when I started using it I was still transitioning and it made the change easier for my hair as well I still grab this product when I am on Amazon and I see it on sale because it helped my hair I use it in my daughter’s hair who has type 3a hair amazon has it for 8.18.

*This last product is only sold on Amazon

* I have type 4 hair that is low porosity and I have been natural for 7 years consistently


What are your favorite products to use in your hair journey?

About Aloe

It is often said that aloe is a natural healing agent but it has a lot of controversy around it instead of me listening to one side over the other of pros and cons I decided to research it and use it myself to see what my experience would be with it I created a small list of things I found out about it in my research as well as my experience using it.

  • Aloe vera is grown in tropical climates and grows in the driest places so they store water in there leaves.

  • Aloe plants also contain compounds called complex carbohydrates they are known as acemannan which allows nutrients to reach cells and relieve them of toxins.

  • acemannan is a compound found in aloe leaves that has properties that have helped people’s immune system, viral infections as well as the digestive system.

    Aloe is often used in cosmetics because of its moisturizing and healing properties.

  • aloe has vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

  • aloe contains proteolytic enzymes that help repair dead skin cells on the scalp and improves follicle health it also promotes hair growth and conditions hair.

  • aloe contains antibacterial properties and is also used to treat acne.

  • aloe is used for burns because its an anti-inflammatory, promotes circulation and stops or can slow down the growth of bacteria.

As I mentioned in my previous post I used it for burns but I also used it on my skin also I used it in the morning and evening after washing my face I added the aloe on my skin let in dry and went to bed after a few months my dark spots became lighter I was very pleased with my results.

I began using it on my hair to help my broken edges grow back I used aloe gel mixed with Jamaican black castor oil every day I applied it and i began seeing growth that I haven’t seen in years so I added it to my hair regimen I added it as a pre-poo at times as well as putting it in my conditioner to detangle.

This is a photo of my aloe plant that I picked up in my journey.

Aloe will change your life

In my household we always used aloe for it’s healing benefits i can remember running to get the aloe for burns so i was familiar with it but i began using it for my hair because it has many benefits for hair as well so after researching aloe and seeing it all over social media I started using aloe it has many benefits in hair as well like it contains proteolytic enzymes which helps repair dead skin cells as well as stops itchy scalp and slows down dandruff it also acts as a great conditioner for all hair types as well as it speeds up the growth cycle in hair which is what i believed my hair needed so i began using it to help with my thinning edges i began using aloe with Jamaican black castor oil in the process of using aloe i began learning more about it like it has the same PH balance of hair which helps the cuticles close and helps the hair become shiny and smooth.

These are photos of my edges in the beginning of my journey when I first started using the aloe mix on my edges daily

These pictures are from using aloe for a yr it may seem like a long time but i am happy i see growth that i haven’t seen in years.

This photo is one of my recent prepoos with aloe as you can see my edges are filling in nicely.

So i started incorporating aloe in other ways like adding it to my pre-poo if i only have a small amount of aloe left i add it to my conditioner to detangle it creates great slip which made detangling easier and i began seeing less shedding and breakage and more growth i sometimes add aloe to my leave-in to help moisturize my hair and give more elasticity as well.


Apply aloe to scalp

Don’t forget to spray with water

and add oils of your choice and detangle

my hair journey, i have been using a lot of natural things and aloe is one i am happy i chose because even though my edges don’t look amazing it is looking better than it did and it is still growing which i am proud of if you want to see a boost in your hair journey try aloe it might work for you as well

This is the most recent photo that i have seen my hair was flourishing from me incorporating some natural things into my regimen along with the regular products I use

Hair resolutions for 2020

So I know everyone has new years resolutions that we do every year but I decided to create some hair resolutions to incorporate in my hair journey as well

I chose these resolutions because I believe they will be easiest to stick to and it will be easy to achieve my goals I didn’t wanna create too hard of resolutions that I cannot achieve because realistically as a mother it’s hard to get time to yourself to do anything but I believe these things will help in my hair journey as well as my health.

My 2020 resolutions are

1. Drinking more water

2. staying consistent in my regimen

3. incorporating hair masque’s

4.building a better diet to promote hair growth

Water is a big part to me because drinking water not only helps your hair but your skin as well I now drink a few glasses of water on some days a gallon on others but I would like to be more consistent because of its benefits like drinking plenty of water helps the nerves in the scalp which in turns helps the roots that help the hair itself also water makes up 50% of our body mass so basically if you drink enough water your hair and skin will benefit from it as well water tends to help your organs function properly which will keep your skin clear as well.

I chose to stay consistent in my regimen because at times juggling life and hair tends to be draining and I sometimes tend to neglect my hair usually on a full wash day I usually pre-poo, wash condition, and deep condition on a good day but lately, I have not been able to deep condition as much and I believe it will benefit me more if I did because type 4 hair tends to stay dry and I know there are many benefits to deep conditioning like it prevents damage builds elasticity in strands strengthens hair it also stops split ends and it puts moisture back into the hair you can deep condition before washing and conditioning or after I do it after because I always pre-poo

I would like to incorporate more hair masque’s in my regimen because they are made to do specific things for the hair that conditioners don’t do like if your hair is damaged or drys out quickly a masque would be great to use because it’s made with different kinds of butter like shea butter and oils like avocado oil, argan oil, coconut oil or olive oil which is good in nourishing hair. A few tips I learned in my research where

*you can use masque’s once a week

*leave on for 20-30 minutes(works best on damp hair )hair being wet helps the masque absorb better

Three masques I would like to try in my resolutions are

*Smoothing treat 1-minute hair mask and avocado extract

*Whole blends hydrating hair mask with coconut water and vanilla milk

*The mane choice Ancient Egyptian Anti breakage & repair Antidote hair mask

I would like to build a better diet to promote hair growth because certain foods will help your hair as well like eggs sweet potatoes, avocados, berries, and fish I eat all of these things but not regularly enough to reap there benefits

These are my resolutions what are yours? Do you make hair resolutions as well?

All about Shea Moisture

As I mentioned in my previous post I first came across shea moisture at the beginning of my hair journey I saw them being mentioned all over my social media accounts they promoted how they were plant-based and none toxic without harmful ingredients and cruelty-free I first saw it being promoted and thought it was just another overrated brand but I was so wrong I was so lost in my hair journey I was trying to build a regimen and find natural products to use in my hair. All the naturals on YouTube and Instagram where saying watch the ingredients and products you use in your hair and they stated that they used shea moisture. so I started researching about shea moisture it was totally different from the beauty supply store brand oils I was using in my hair which I later found out was not pure and contained added things that weren’t good for anybody’s hair so I said why not try this brand.

*this photo was taken at the beginning of my hair journey

The first product by shea moisture I tried was their shea moisture 100% extra -virgin coconut oil which I began using on my scalp and as a hot oil treatment I decided on this because coconut oil has many benefits for the hair and body. the second item I purchased was their shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil strengthen grow and restore leave-in conditioner I chose this product because I was still transitioning and my perm was still growing out my hair which made it difficult to manage but I began using it to detangle my hair before styling the first thing I noticed was my breakage slowed down and after some time I began seeing less of the perm in my hair I still use other products in my regimen as well but I keep certain products by shea moisture in my hair stash because my hair benefits well from it I never looked back in my hair regimen because I found that these products work for me. Throughout my hair journey.

I began adding more products by shea moisture like there shea moisture curl and shine coconut and hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie but the ingredients tend to have won me over like the Hibiscus oil is a great moisturizer and contains lots of vitamins and nutrients that help strengthen and grow hair it’s also great for dandruff and contains coconut oil as well as shea butter which I love for my hair the smell is also amazing but not too overwhelming it’s a heavy cream but its light on the hair it made my wash and go perfect it made my curls bouncy and my hair shine I was able to see my curl pattern for the first time without too much manipulation and I loved it.

There Manuka honey and mafura oil intense hydration conditioner grew on me because I got it in the summer so it took me some time to use it because I was not doing my hair so often but after taking out my twists I used it after shampooing and it made my hair soft less frizzy and had a nice shine I later looked up mafura oil and was pleased because mafura oil is known for restoring life to damaged hair and strands. its also loaded with other goodies like manuka honey which bring moisture to strands and Baobab which contains lots of vitamins and nutrients.

The oils I began adding to my regimen more recently I first found them in Duane reade while shopping I loved that you can use it all over the body if you want and that it’s all-natural I use the 100% Jamaican black castor oil to seal in moisture I use this when doing the L.o.c method it has made my hair thicker and stronger I use the 100% pure argan oil with my oil mix it made my hair softer without a lot of manipulation and I saw thickness as well.

I began using there strengthen and grow loc and braid butter after running out of my Murrays hair paste I used it to achieve my two strand twist I began seeing growth because of small changes I made in my hair journey I began seeing growth that I was dying to see from the beginning of my hair journey.

I also use the shea butter vegan lip balm which I first received in a Christmas gift a few years ago it keeps my lips soft and hydrated for long periods of time which I use daily no matter what I started using shea moisture by chance but I now understand that natural products work best and without it containing certain ingredients that strip the hair it gives your hair a fighting chance to grow my type 4 hair tends to be hard to penetrate with products and is easy to break off but this product helps my hair a lot I love love love shea moisture as a natural women

This is a more recent photo of my hair after incorporating certain things with shea moisture in my hair I love my results

*what do you love by shea moisture?